About Us

Syenz laboratory was established in 2012. We are registered with state of NJ as a pharmaceutical R&D laboratory, as well as a technical services contract provider. Syenz Laboratory. LLC has invested in development of niche combined Herbal/OTC monographed liquid formulations in the cold and cough, gastric care, oral sores, and mouth wash areas of therapies. We are also working on ophthalmic formulations. Syenz has developed, tested, and stabilized these formulations in our state of art fully equipped analytical/ microbiology culture Laboratory. These developed formulations are chemically and microbiologically stable within the parameters of USP requirements based on test results. We have already filed patents with US Patent Department and the registered trademark is HerbioMed. The uniqueness of these formulations lies where monograph OTC active ingredients are mixed with pharmacologically known synergetic herbal items (powders, extracts) to get the benefits of both in remedy of the indicated conditions. These unique combined formulation will available at reasonably competitive cost compared to plain OTC competitive brands in the same line.

Company is owned and run by seasoned registered pharmacists/pharmaceutical scientists with their Ph.D’s in pharmaceutical sciences and hands on scientific skills/experience in product’s R &D as well community pharmacy practice including OTC counselling. Please check our website for details. www.syenzlab.com

There are four major developed cough and cold liquid products (a full line) covering areas of OTC indications and will be shelved at over counters aisles for sales.

Our initial launch will be 10,000 of 8 ounces size bottles of each product. Products are lined to be manufactured at a FDA certified OTC contract manufacturing facility under approved NDCs. Syenz Laboratory has conducted all tests of processes, validations study designs, and execution at its own microbiology/analytical laboratory. We have done a detailed comparative reverse engineering analysis and full market assessment of this new line of niche OTC Pharmaceutical products and found it as a viable investment.